Mar 20, 2012 · How do I clear my Flash Player cache and settings? 1. Close all browser windows. 2. Open your system control panel or preferences and open the Flash Player control panel. 3. Select the Storage tab and click the "Delete All" button. Please note that the "Advanced" tab also contains a "Delete

How to Clear All Caches and Free Up Disk Space in Windows Delete Your Temp Files. To start with the basic temporary file cleanup, go to the Start Screen and … Flex 3 and flash player caching - Stack Overflow Finally is this an issue with my browser cache or the Flash player cache? Does the flash player only keep such data, like my email address, in memory while the app is in use and then clear once it is closed or does it cache this data for the next time the user wants to use the app? Internet Tips: How to Clear Your Web Browser's Cache Clearing your browser cache is a quick and simple way to solve various issues you may encounter when browsing online. The next time you have trouble with a website you visit frequently, try clearing your cache to see if that solves the problem! How to Clear Flash Player Cache | Michigan Virtual

Computer Cache: Why is Clearing Cache Important?

Clear the flash cache using one of the two options below: A. Delete all files from: PC: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player#SharedObjects

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