EDIT 2: Some discussion in the comments about using an undocumented /chatters endpoint as a stopgap solution here. I passed this along to the dev of the bot I used and they pointed out that /chatters is comparably buggy to NAMES and it's undocumented for a reason; Twitch has advised devs not to use it because it could stop/break/change at any time.

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Under certain circumstances, the missing update is already at the next start or in the coming days. Because the software is written in Java, it may possibly also help to update Java. In jDownloader curb Downloads If the fault of the defective plugins still displayed, may help if the user limits its number of downloads. Perhaps the tool with too

I already did: 1.Uninstall and reinstall Java 7update 5 2.Uninstall and reinstall JDownloader 2 3.I have checked the Firewal of ZoneAlarm Extreme Security instance of the Firefox, Java, Jawav and JDownloader 2 has unrestricted access to internet.They are "Super trusted" processes.

JDownloader2Update.exe is part of JDownloader Update and developed by AppWork GmbH according to the JDownloader2Update.exe version information. JDownloader2Update.exe's description is "JDownloader 2 Update Launcher" JDownloader2Update.exe is digitally signed by AppWork GmbH.

After install finished, don’t RUN Jdownloader, exit Jdownloader, then Copy Updater.zip and paste the following files to C:\Program Files\JDownloader 2, then extract and replace it 5. Run file Updater in C:\Program Files\JDownloader 2, to update the newest Jdownloader2